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Post-doctoral researcher in computer science, in the CLASH group at the University of Cambrige.

Before that, PhD student at Inria/University of Nantes in the Gallinette team, under the supervision of Nicolas Tabareau. Even before that, studied computer science and mathematics at the ENS de Lyon.

My main interests are type theory and proofs assistants, in particular Coq. I am also quite fond of everything revolving around bidirectional typing. One of the things I try and work towards is bridging the gap between complex, real-life implementations of proof assistants and their theoretic specifications, in particular in the framework of the MetaCoq project.


The best way to reach me is by email, at Meven.Lennon-Bertrand[at]cl.cam.ac.uk.

Otherwise, I might be found at the Computer Lab's William Gates Building, office FS18.


Here is a print CV, most information can also be found directly by browsing this website.

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