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Arts, Technologies and Sciences Projects

I took part to the Chantiers Arts, Technologies et Sciences, with researcher Bertrand Michel, theatre authors Sylvain Renard and Rémi Chechetto, and technical high school classes and teachers. The project should originally have borne fruits during the 2020 spring, but due to the Covid pandemic it has been extended, and eventually lasted for three full years. It culminated with an exposition, organized by students in June 2022, where they presented the result of these three years of collaboration.

Four colors theorem

I really like to tell the story of the four colors theorem. I did it multiple times, with various durations (from 5 min to 1h30) and publics (students, researchers, "amateurs"). I was mostly using a board, so no traces remain, but one on those instances was filmed as part of the 5 minutes Lebesgue.


Mathematical Recreation Seminar

For a year I co-organized the weekly Séminaire de la Détente Mathématique, an informal seminar for staff, students and amateurs, aiming at speaking of maths in a more relaxed and casual way than usual for researchers.

Normalized information distance

A one-hour talk titled How we can classify things we know nothing about, using a little bit of computability theory, as part of the Séminaire de la Détente Mathématique.


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