1. Teaching at the University

    September 2019 – June 2020
    • Outils de calcul pour les sciences: First year, first semester course on basic calculus for mathematics students. Sole teacher.

    • Informatique pour BGC: Introduction to computer science for first year biology students, using javascript. TA for both exercise and computer sessions.

    • Mathématiques pour l’informatique 2: Second year, second semester course on linear algebra for computer science students. TA for exercise sessions.

  2. Category Theory Seminar

    September 2018 – January 2019

    During my second year of master we taught with fellow student Rémy Cerda a weekly, semester-long, category theory seminar/introduction course. It was destined to fellow mathematics and computer science students, as this topic was not really taught at the ENS de Lyon, although it was necessary for a significant portion of master courses.

    Our main source was the book by Steve Awodey, and we covered most basic categorical concepts: functors, universal properties, limits, Yoneda lemma, adjoints, monads…